Welcome To Telkom Australia

Telkom Australia is a fully owned subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia

which is the largest telecommunication operator in Indonesia.

Telkom is an international telecommunications provider whose subsidiaries employ over 29,000 staff in the Information, Media, Education and Business Service Provider industries.

Our core business in Australia is to bring our broad range of highly efficient Business Process Outsourcing Services and solutions to the Australian market place.

Products including Customer Interaction Management, Document Management Services and Back Office Process Outsourcing which have been developed for hundreds of global clients are now available for Australian business uptake.


Services We Offer

Complete end-to-end Customer Interaction Management

15,000 staff, working for you 24 hours a
day, seven days a week, providing great
service to your customers

Document & Record Management in the cloud

Freeing up valuable space, routing, processing and decision making tools based on our workflow technologies will ensure all your documents follow your business rules efficiently.

Back Office Process Outsourcing

A highly skilled team to perform your important administrative functions so you can focus on your core business. Meeting the resource demands of peak periods has never been easier.
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